Evaluation Reports

According to a recent published study1 by the Mayo Clinic, only Nova’s StatStrip continued to give accurate glucose results as patient hematocrits varied from 20% – 65%. Hematocrit related errors of 20% to nearly 50% were reported on every glucose meter system tested except for Nova’s StatStrip.

Figures (left):
(a) Mean glucose difference (meter glucose minus reference glucose) and (b) and (c) mean glucose percent difference[(meter glucose minus reference glucose)/reference glucose x 100)] as a function of hematocrit at glucose concentrations of (a) 54 mg/dL, (b) 247 mg/dL, and (c) 483 mg/dL. Each point represents the mean ± standard deviation of the mean glucose difference or mean glucose percent difference (n=6).

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#186 - Hematocrit Effect Outweighs Other Sources of Glucometer Error in Critical Care -United States Army Institute

United States Army Institute of Surgical Research, Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234
Traditional single channel glucometers (SureStep FlexTM, LifeScan) overestimate true glucose values in anemic patients... Download

#185 - Evaluation of a New POCT Bedside Glucose Meter and Strip With Hematocrit and Interference Corrections -Holmes Regional Medical Center

Holmes Regional Medical Center, Melbourne, FL
Based on the expanding role of point of care testing glucose meters and the need to improve accuracy and precision, the new Nova Biomedical StatStrip was evaluated and compared with the LifeScan SureStepFlexx (current point of care testing meter)... Download

#180 - Evaluation of the Nova StatStripTM Blood Glucose Monitoring System in Neonates -Washington University

Washington University School of Medicine & St. Louis Children's Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Hypoglycemia is a common emergency in neonates. Measurement of whole blood glucose in neonates presents challenges associated with limited blood volumes, high hematocrits, and accuracy at low glucose concentrations... Download

#187 - Adoption of New Technology for Bedside Glucose Testing -St. Vincent Hospital

St. Vincent Hospital, Worcester, MA
The first major metropolitan hospital to adopt a new technology specifically developed to improve analytical performance at the bedside shares its experience... Download

#182 - Nova StatStripTM Evaluation -Ramathibodi Hospital

Ramathibodi Hospital. Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand
Glucose meters are widely used in self - and hospital monitoring of blood glucose. We examined the analytical preformance of the newly introduced Nova Biomedical StatStrip glucose monitoring system... Download