Nova Can Best Meet Your i-STAT® Replacement Needs

Nova has FDA-cleared and cost effective options to meet your i-STAT replacement needs including configurations that cover the CHEM8+ and CG4+ cartridge menus.

Replacing CHEM8+ or CG4+?

Choose Prime Plus

Prime Plus is a rapid, whole blood critical care analyzer that offers the broadest choice of assays including Chem 8, Blood Gases, Lactate, and H&H. Prime Plus offers the flexibility to select a test menu for each department’s specific need.

Examples include:

  • Chem 8 at one third of the cost of i-STAT
  • 3 operator steps versus 14 with i-STAT
  • Automated QC eliminates the need for a time-consuming IQCP with i-STAT
  • Simple NovaNet connectivity and remote review
  • Measures (not calculates) both Hb and Hct

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Replacing i-STAT for lactate only?

Choose StatStrip Lactate

StatStrip Lactate is a handheld lactate measuring system that brings lactate testing directly to the bedside.

  • Single-use Lactate biosensor
  • 0.6 microliter whole blood sample
  • Results in 13 seconds
  • Simple NovaNet connectivity

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Replacing i-STAT Crea?

Choose StatSensor Creatinine

StatSensor Creatinine is a handheld measuring system that enables rapid assessment of creatinine and eGFR by fingerstick capillary sampling at the point of care.

  • Single-use Creatinine biosensor
  • 1.2 microliter whole blood sample
  • Results in 30 seconds
  • Simple NovaNet connectivity

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