This webinar provides an introduction to the peculiar aspects of glycaemic control in neonates, starting with the description of the risk of neonatal hypoglycaemia, to proceed with the recommendations from national guidelines and the role of POC glucose meters. Published studies highlighting the main issues and potential solutions of the use of POC glucometers in neonates will be presented, and their applicability and safety will be discussed in light of the results available in literature.

Learning objectives;

  • Understand the risk of hypoglycaemia in neonates
  • Understand the problems of glycaemic control in neonates
  • Understand the recommendations and guidelines for glycaemic control in neonates
  • Identify the role of POC glucose measurement in neonates, key advantages and limits

This webinar is approximately 22 minutes long.


Germano Ferrari PhD, MBA

Germano Ferrari PhD, MBA
EU Director, Medical & Scientific Affairs (MASA)
Nova Biomedical

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