Point-of-care testing is an essential diagnostic tool in neonatal and pediatric patient settings because infants and children experience more rapid changes in clinical status than adults. Fast, accurate, interference-free POCT glucose testing in neonatal settings enables rapid detection or prevention of neonatal hypoglycemia.

In this webinar, Dr. Khosrow Adeli, Professor, Clinical Biochemistry, The Hospital for Sick Kids, Toronto, Ontario, Canada will describe the unique needs and benefits of point of care glucosetesting in the neonatal patient population. He will describe the positive impact that accurate,interference-free glucose testing accuracy has had on outcomes and quality of care at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, Canada.

Learning Objectives:

• Become aware of the benefits of point of care testing in the neonatal and pediatric patient population
• Understand the analytical measurement requirements for point-of-care glucose meters used in the neonatal setting
• Learn how point of care testing can affect quality of care, clinical outcome, and laboratory effectiveness


Khosrow Adeli, PhD, FCACB, NACB, DABCC
Head and Professor, Clinical Biochemistry
The Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto

Naveen Bangia, PhD
Director, Medical and Scientific Affairs
Nova Biomedical