June 22, 2023

EST 1:00 pm / PST 10:00 am

Bedside glucose testing is one of the most performed tests in the hospital. Many clinicians take the accuracy and reliability of these results for granted; however, hospitalized patients can have interference from medications and other endogenous factors that can cause erroneous glucose meter results. Inaccurate results can lead to improper treatment, such as giving insulin to a patient who is hypoglycemic, which can have catastrophic outcomes. This is an ongoing, a real-life problem, with recent published reports of death and disability due to erroneous glucose meter results and inappropriate insulin administration. Aside from these events, hypoglycemia can cause increased length of stay and increase the cost of hospitalization. This seminar will present outcomes achieved through improved glucose meter accuracy, factors which can affect accuracy of some glucose meters, how to avoid glucose meter errors, and how to implement a bedside glucose testing system which protects patients and providers.



Brad S. Karon, M.D., PhD, FACB Associate Professor of Laboratory Medicine & Pathology; Director, Point of Care Testing and Hospital Clinical Labs
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN


Naveen Bangia, PhD Director, Medical and Scientific Affairs

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