The importance of ketone measurements – What, Why and When?

Duration: 1 hour Summary Ketones are substances that your body makes if your cells don’t get enough glucose (blood sugar). Glucose is your body’s main source of energy. Ketones can show up in blood or urine. High ketone levels may indicate ketoacidosis and diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), a complication of diabetes that can lead to a coma or even death. In this webinar we´ll […]

Advancements in Automated Analysis of Micro-bioreactor Cell Culture Parameters

Duration: 1 hour This webinar will describe automated cell culture sampling and analysis using Nova’s BioProfile® FLEX2 analytical system with the External Sampling Module (ESM) and the ambr® 15 cell culture micro-bioreactor system. Incorporating FLEX2’s analytical capabilities can save time and reduce errors by dramatically improving laboratory workflows around ambr systems. The ambr® 15 cell culture […]

Red, hot, and inflamed Part I: Recognizing and diagnosing SIRS and sepsis in small animals

Duration: 1 hour Primary care veterinarians commonly encounter patients that present vague signs of illness.  For example, the initial signs of sepsis may include lethargy and decreased appetite, both of which can have many causes in dogs and cats. Veterinarians must determine whether to treat animals symptomatically as outpatients or perform rapid, point-of-care testing (POCT) to […]

Arterial Blood Gases: Obtaining a Sample and Avoiding Pre-Analytical Errors in Companion Animals

Learning Objectives: 1) Identify the sites available for arterial blood gas sampling and catheterization 2) Understand the technique for obtaining an arterial sample 3) Know anticoagulants and vehicles for blood gas collection 4) Learn proper specimen handling post-collection 5) Identify errors that may occur, causing alterations in electrolytes, pH, and metabolic/respiratory status

The Only Glucose Meter Specifically Approved by Health Canada for Use with Critically Ill Patients

Duration: 43 minutes In the last several years, numerous adverse events and several patient deaths have been attributed to the use of certain glucose meters with critically ill hospital patients.  These patients are more likely to present with interfering substances such as drugs and pathological factors that can cause glucose meter error and adverse events. This […]

FLEX2 On-Line Autosampler: Fully Automated Sampling and Analysis of Key Cell Culture Parameters

Duration: 1 hour, 17 minutes The BioProfile FLEX2 On-Line Autosampler (OLS) is a modular system that connects as many as 10 bioreactors to a FLEX2 analyzer for automated sampling and analysis of key cell culture analytes including pH, gases, metabolites, osmometry, cell density, and cell viability. The OLS’ small sample volume and fast analysis time provide […]

Acute Kidney Injury and Electrolyte Abnormalities in COVID-19 Critical Illness

Early studies have reported various electrolyte abnormalities in patients who progress to the severe form of COVID-19. It has also been shown that pre-existent chronic kidney disease increases the risk of more severe COVID-19 complications. This webinar will discuss COVID-19 critical illness and its impact on electrolyte homeostasis and kidney function. We will describe the […]

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