BioProfile Flex

Mammalian cell-based bioprocesses are used extensively for production of therapeutic proteins. Off-line monitoring of such cultivations via manual sampling is often labor-intensive... Read more

Wireless Connectivity now available!

Nova Biomedical announces the availability of a wireless connectivity solution for StatStrip Glucose and StatSensor Creatinine meters...
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StatSensor CREAT

StatSensor Creatinine is a handheld analyzer and miniaturized, disposable biosensor for whole blood creatinine testing... Read more

Publications Validate StatStrip Accuracy

Nova Hospital Glucose Monitoring System Publications and Presentations Validate Clinical Importance of Improved Accuracy...
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The aims of this study were to: (1) determine the validity and reliability of the Nova Biomedical Lactate Plus portable analyzer, and quantify any fixed or proportional bias; (2) determine the effect of…
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BioProfile FLEX

This work demonstrates the application of a fully automated cell culture control, monitoring, and data processing system to achieve significant productivity improvement via dynamic…
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