Tuesday, September 20th 
11am EST / 4pm BST / 5pm CET

Manual bioreactor sampling is the primary cause for cell culture contamination and one of the main cost drivers in terms of man-hours required to execute this repetitive task. In addition, manual sampling increases offline measurement variability due to analysis delay and sample degassing. Several autosampler systems have been developed to facilitate the sampling process, but many have struggled to demonstrate a high-level of sterility control, prevention of blockages at high cell densities and sample integrity on the way to the destination. This webinar discusses implementation of a new automated sampling system for long-term high density perfusion cell cultures, to improve process robustness and reduce manual handling on the bioreactor. The tested system was demonstrated to fulfill the requirements as an aseptic sampling solution for high cell density mammalian cell culture processes.

Patrick Romann
University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland