Point-of-Care Testing in the Neonatal Population: Importance of Glucose Meter Accuracy

Thursday, October 20: 1:00 PM EDT, 6:00 PM BSTRegister Here Thursday, November 3: 1:00 PM EDT, 5:00 PM GMTRegister Here Point-of-care testing is an essential diagnostic tool in neonatal and pediatric patient settings because infants and children experience more rapid changes in clinical status than adults. Fast, accurate, interference-free POCT glucose testing in neonatal settings […]

Lactate as a Marker for Fetal Hypoxia

Prolonged intrapartum hypoxia can result in hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), which affects1.5-2.5 of 1,000 newborns annually. Infants with HIE may develop permanent health conditions and disorders such as cerebral palsy, epilepsy, hearing and vision impairments, and more. During labor, fetal monitoring using cardiotocography (CTG) can screen for hypoxia. CTG has high sensitivity but low predictive […]

Monitoring glucose in neonates: a POCT conundrum?

This webinar provides an introduction to the peculiar aspects of glycaemic control in neonates, starting with the description of the risk of neonatal hypoglycaemia, to proceed with the recommendations from national guidelines and the role of POC glucose meters. Published studies highlighting the main issues and potential solutions of the use of POC glucometers in […]

Glukose-Monitoring in der Neonatologie – ein POCT Rätsel?

Messen auch Sie mit einem GLU-Messgerät, welches elektrochemische Interferenzen bereinigt?    Gerade in der Neonatologie ist die schnelle & sichere Bestimmung des Glukosewertes eine Herausforderung. Insbesondere interferierende Substanzen wie Laktose, Galaktose oder Maltose, sowie abnorme Hämatokrit-Werte können Glukose-Ergebnisse beeinflussen.  Erfahren Sie mehr im spannenden Webinar über: Die Risiken einer Hypoglykämie bei Frühgeborenen Aktuelle Empfehlungen Sichere & schnelle Glukosekontrolle am […]

Surveillance du glucose en Néonatologie – un casse-tête POCT?

Mesurez-vous le glucose avec un lecteur qui corrige les interférences électrochimiques ?  En particulier en néonatologie, la détermination rapide et sûre de la valeur du glucose est un défi. Les substances interférentes telles que le lactose, le galactose ou le maltose, ainsi que des valeurs anormales d’hématocrite peuvent influencer les résultats du glucose. Lors de ce […]

L’enigma della misurazione del glucosio nei neonati

Durata: Disponibile On Demand Contenuto L’enigma della misurazione del glucosio nei neonati Razionale: Questo webinar si propone di contestualizzare il problema dell’affidabilita’ nell’utilizzo ospedaliero della misura del glucosio in neonatologia. Viene trattata l’ipoglicemia neonatale come causa principale che richiede l’accurato monitoraggio del glucosio. Esempi sono forniti in relazione ai principali problemi pre-analitici ed analitici della […]